Musicians that rock our brand!

Proud to announce that 79 musicians from 19 States/Countries rock our brand! 

Here are the states that currently have artists representing them. Join our brand today! 

Alaska - Katie Eakes


Arkansas - Lucas Parker (Groovement), Adam Becker, Rachel Ammons


California - Trevor Penick (Otown), Ernie Chang and Andee Beats ( Andy Frasco ), Joel Eckels, Holiday State


Colorado - Maddy O’Neal, Shawn Eckels ( Andy Frasco & UN ), DJ Williams


Illinois - Logan Wieter, Justin Easton ( Murphy500 )


Iowa - Finding Dixie, Reggae Rappids


Kansas - Lucas Miguel Parker


Wichita, Kansas - Mountain Deer Revival


Louisiana - DJ Williams (Shots Fired), Brooke Beuclèr


Massachusetts - Floyd ( Andy Frasco )


Minnesota - Atmosphere ( Slug )


Missouri - Jackson Stokes, Jason Heeter


Music Lives Here (Brand) - Michal Menert


Nebraska - Hector Anchondo,  Wasted Highway, Kris Lager Band, Ro Hempel (Band), Dr Webb, Side Talk, Tyler Anthony, Joe Donnelly, Taylora Christensen, Gallivant, Brent Vignery (Rhythm Collective), Big Daddy Caleb & the Chargers, Sebastian Lane, Aly Peeler, Jon Knobbe (Daniel & the Deliverance), Josh Meyer (Omaha Street Percussion), Mike Hollon, Jake Reisdorff (Funk Trek), LeFever, 23rd Vibration, Sir Donald Kinsley (The Wailers), Billy McGuigan (Yesterday & Today - A Beatles Experience), Nate Goessling, Brian Hanes

New York - Anthony Saturno 

Ohio - Patrick Sweany


Ontario, Canada - Martene Clayton


Panama - David Gomez


Rhode Island - Shawn Eckels


South Carolina - Tyler Pearson


Tennessee - Peter Keys ( Lynyrd Skynyrd )


Texas - Henry Invisible, Ben Bjamin ( White Pony )